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Element Finance Fremantle was founded by Mike Cormack with the belief that obtaining the home loan that is right for you is more than just signing a piece of paper. With this in mind, he designed the ‘Element Experience’ – a way to guarantee that each and every client experiences the absolute highest standard of service and achieves the best results possible. Why not take a moment to check out what recent clients have to say about the Element Experience.

It is not just our clients that love Element Finance Fremantle, the banks do to! Our strong reputation and impeccably high standard of home loan applications have resulted in a number of our Panel Lenders awarding us hard-to-achieve and coveted titles like Premium Broker, Diamond Broker, Gold Broker and Preferred Broker. These sought after titles mean our home loan clients receive many privileges other brokers (and even some of the bank branches themselves!) cannot offer, such as:

– faster processing times. Approvals in 24 hours instead of 2 weeks
– bigger discounts. Saving thousands for our clients with no extra hassles
– free up-front Bank Valuations. Find out exactly what the property is worth before getting started without having to pay hundreds
– settle faster. Loan documents are issued from a Priority Team to avoid the normal queues

Any company is only as good as its people, and we have some of the best. You can rest assured that the award winning team at Element Finance Fremantle will take care of you. Our clients also rely on tried and trusted business partners to assist in the areas where a Mortgage Broker cannot. Please meet your team:

Mike Cormack, Mortgage Broker
Mike Cormack

Principal | Dip FS (FMBM)
0403 144 822

As a Home Lending Specialist at Westpac Bank for three years Mike developed a keen interest in finance and property. He gained great satisfaction from using his knowledge and experience to assist new clients with their home loans.

Mike recognised he could help his home loan clients further if I was not restricted to one bank or lender and so he formed his own Mortgage Broking company and struck an alliance with Aussie Home Loans. He bought the Aussie Fremantle franchise and built it to one of the top performing Aussie stores.

Mike’s experience at Westpac and Aussie led him to establish his own truly unique mortgage broking company, Element Finance, with the focus ALWAYS on the service delivered to clients and results achieved for them. Mike is genuinely passionate about delivering service excellence.

As a property investor from the age of 20, Mike understands the opportunities for financial freedom that investing in property can bring and he knows the right way to set up the finance.

Specialties: Mike especially enjoys assisting his clients to restructure their home lending and personal finance to assist them in becoming debt free as soon as possible.

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